Tuesday, 8 November 2011

November Luxuries

Little luxuries to warm up November...

Vita Liberata Self Tan

So I am a huge fan of Fake Bake, and it is still my number one tan... but I've found a great self tanner which gives a gorgeous rich colour too.

I got the extra rich silken chocolate, which is very dark so novice tanners beware this probably wouldn't be for you. As you can see by my image the tan is very dark so you can see where you are applying it, do not be afraid of dark tans, because they do not end up that dark on you!

Check out my previous blog for more info on Fake Bake and other brands

Moroccan Oil - Oil & Hairspray

The Moroccan oil treatment oil is amazing it smells gorgeous and people always as me why my hair smells nice... the answer is these two products.

I apply a small amount of oil to damp hair and it dries silky and smooth, and doesn't leave residue.

Then when styling my hair I use the hairspray not only because it is an awesome hairspray... but because it reinforces the Moroccan smell! mmmm!

Calvin Klein, Euphoria & Dior, Pure Poison

If you are looking to smell as irresistible as all you gorgeous girls look I would recommend my two fave perfumes they both are equally as fabulous!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Get the denim shorts out!

I like to glam up a simple high waisted denim look with some hot heels. check out this lovely River Island pair!

My tied shirt - River Island
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - River Island

Nails INC Magnetic Nail Polish

So ladies as you can see from the advert Nails Inc have come up with this idea of being able to paint your nails as normal then when you hold the included magnet over the top it creats a funky pattern.

I personally have the purple one and it cost 13 pounds from House of Fraser (Nails Inc counter)
I think its a real cool change from the usual boring nails and it actually turns out looking like what is is advertising!

MAC love to the MAX

I have been experimenting with yet more of MACs finest products and wanted to share with you my latest essentials!

Mac Paint Pots

So right know i have two paint pots one fair which is called 'painterly' and a darker pot called 'quite natural' (i use them separatly). they are seriously amazing! I often have trouble with eyeshadows and things because I am a dancer and it comes right of... but these stay on all day and you will pysically have to use makeup remover to get it off! I blend two MAC eyeshadows over the top 'Sable' a shimmery chocolate colour in the crease and corner and 'Naked Lunch' a beautiful creamy colour with a bit of shimmer all over to create a perfect smokey eye.

Fluidline Gel Liner

I decided to have a go at using gel liner insted of pencil on my upper lids to see how it looked. This liner creates a stunning jet black line on my lids and you can also create a great cat eye on the end. It is stunning! and stays on ALL day!

GaGa 2 Lipstick

Ok so I am a fan of MACs 'Myth' lippy but this one is also stunning! I think this image is a pretty good indication of the lovely pale colour... compliments a smokey eye beautifully!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Make up MUST haves

Dior Skin Forever

This foundation is gorgeous. The colour I have is 020 and it goes on very easily and blends really well.
It is not thick at all but gives a very good coverage, which is great for those who don't like the caked on look! I actually use MAC's Studio Fix fluid as well but both of these selections create a beautiful base.

Benefit Lemon Aid

Lemon Aid is my secret weapon. It just looks like yellow concealer, but my goodness it works!
If i am looking a little tired I just dab a little under my eyes and dark circles magically dissappear! It is also a colour correcting eyelid primer so I put it on under my eye shadow to keep it lasting all day.

MAC Kohl Pencil

This eyeliner goes on so easily and makes the most perfect smokey eye as it is really blendable. It does smudge though so if you just want a clean black line...this is not your product.

Posie Tint

This cheek and lip tint is a stunning baby pink color... and it stays on so long!

MAC Lipstick

I LOVE this lipstick... my fave colours are Myth and Hue. which are very pale. Gorgeous.

MAC Opulash Mascara

Opulash is brilliant for building up dramatic thick lashes so it is great for me. If you need to add length go for Studio Fix lash, as this is much better as separating lashes. One I do not like is Zoom Lash, the formula is messy and goes EVERYWHERE!

Prep & Prime Skin Brightning Serum

This product is a primer which makes you skin feel like silk. I pop it on under my foundation and it makes me glow... a must.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

HeadKandy Hair Extension Update

Ok, as you guys know I bought some HeadKandy.com extensions for my vacation (holiday, for all you brits).

The colour I got was 'organic', a beautiful deep brown which has slight off-black tones running through.

The length is 16-18 inches, which was perfect for me. In all pictures in my preivious blogs i am wearing my extensions so this will give you a good indication on the length, bearing in mind I am 5'6.

The price is not cheap but it is sooo worth it, as I have had extensions only last me a few months that were only slightly cheaper! for 16-18 inches a full set (more than enough hair) is $159.99 or £79.00.

So far...So good as far as I am concerned! The hair has not thinned at all and it curls and straightens perfectly and it is still super soft! I love putting them up in a Nicole Scherzinger inspired high pony as well as a simple down style.

Feel free to ask any questions on this issue as I have tried several extension brands!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Oasis Of The Seas

So I have just touched down from my flight from Miami to London after my trip to Florida then Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel... I had the most amazing time on the biggest cruise ship in the world and wanted to share with you some outfits....

Top- River Island
Pilazzo Pants & Belt- River Island
Feather Earrings- River Island

Jumpsuit - Lipsy
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Belt - Topshop
Bag - Accessorise

Friday, 26 August 2011

Minx Nail Craze

Ok so if you hav'nt heard of Minx before they are basically nail art patterns which are heated and then stuck onto your fingers and toes. This craze is quite expensive in salons, however I got let in to a little secret that it was possible to do it yourself.

So... I went on ebay and bought two sets of 20 minx stickers for £10 each, one in hibiscus red and the other in leopard pink and thought i'd have a go.

First of all the stickers are super long so you dont have to use a whole one on a nail... meaning  you get 4 sets of beautiful nails for £10. 1 set could cost a minimum of £30 in a salon!

Here is How I did it...

1- Warm cleansed nails under a heat source (at home a hairdryer)

2- Select the best minx size for the nail

3- Peel the minx off the backing sheet 

4- Allign the nail up and press gently

                                     5- File till looking HOT!

...Pictures of my finished product coming soon!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bikinis by La Senza

Holiday Time...
That simply means one thing... the hunt for a few decent bikinis!
Some bikinis are so unflattering, the come undone, they're not supportive and do nothing for my figure. So I decided to try something new.

La Senza is a English Lengerie retailer who have only recently in the last few years introduced their swimwear range. Being a fan of their quality underwear, I decided to try a few on...

...I ended up buying 3 sets!!!

They are a-m-azing! They are supportive and comfortable but most of all they are so pretty and figure flattering because they actually fit like bra
The smaller sizes have padding, and the larger sizes have extra support! perfect! no more twisted, flimsy string bikinis for me this year!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Topshop Love!

Topshop <3

Ok so I have one major obsession and that is Topshop
For a recent night out i wore bright orange/red shorts, a white tie up top with a matching white/orange/black headband and black stilettos. All from Topshop.

Here is me with my beautiful friend... what do ya think?!

Makeup Secrets!

I am absolutly addicted to make up. I have so much, if i wore it on my face all together, i'd look like the most horrendous drag queen!

But saying that, i have found some gems along the way... here is my top make up must haves...

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

This foundation has full coverage, it is not watery or oily and lasts all day. The colour I use is NW20.The bottle lasts a long time and i use every single bit of it! A bonus is that it has SPF 15 which is great for protecting your face against the sun. I would not be without this product.

Hello Flawless Pressed Powder by Benefit

If theres one thing i hate about some cheap powders is the 'caked on' look!
Benefit powder is perfect! The colours are lovely and the powder itself feels so smooth and lightweight but still offering a full coverage... perfect!

MAC Studio Fix Lash

I absolutly LOVE this mascara. Lashes dont clump or look cakey the are seperated and lengthened perfectly!
I have struggled with some MAC mascaras because some are very watery and tend to go all over eyelids etc. But this one is beautiful!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

I literally do not leave home without this concealer. although it lasts so much longer than most!
It is quite heavy, which means blemishes and uneven skin tone just disapear with the smallest amount! Meaning it lasts sooooo long.

MAC Lipstick

I LOVE big bold eyes with nude lipsticks, and this lipstick absolutly floors the rest!!! its beautiful, creamy and compliments most skin tones.
Stunning <3

My Fake Tan Obsession

OK, so I am no stranger to fake tan. I use it every day, some may call it an obsession.
I am naturally very fair skinned and I dye my hair quite dark, to avoid the ghost look I love to add a bit of colour to my skin. I buy all of my fake tan myself, believe me, it gets expensive! But I have tried A LOT, which means I know quite a lot about many products and brands. I will share with you a few of the ones I think are best!

Rule one
Always use a tanning mitt and gloves underneath.
no one likes orange palms, and a mitt makes your tan even and smooth looking. Some mitts just fall to pieces though, I believe the best one actually comes free with Fake Bake Flawless self tanner!

Rule two
Exfoliate! I know everyone goes on about it, but scrubbing all those dead skin cells off a day before you tan really does make your tan look far better. I recommend Vanilla Biscuit shower gel, with scrubby bits from the pink cow company mentioned in my previous blog. It really does smell amazing!
Also you can buy in shower scrubbing mitts from any good drug store, they are brilliant if you wear a lot of tan and struggle to actually get it all off!

Fake Bake Original
This tan is a cream and is dark brown in colour, the biggest down side to this product is that it does not smell nice at all. The up side, however is that it looks awsome! its quite dark at first but when you wash it off it is a lovely colour (not orange AT ALL) and always even.

Fake Bake Flawless
This is by far my fave! It doesnt smell like the fake bake cream at all, and it comes with an awsome free mitt with every bottle. It is a pump spray, not an aerisol spray, so it doesn't go everywhere!!! and the colour is instant and amazing, even when you wash it off the colour is the most even tan!

Fake Bake Body Butter
The body butter is VERY creamy, which leaves skin feeling very smooth. However it is not as dark as the others. Like all of fake bake's products it is not streaky eather and does smell very nice.

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
This mousse is fab; it doesnt streak, it smells like you have been on holiday and lasts for ages! I find that this brand has more orange tones than fake bake, and is slightly stickier which is why it is my second fave!

Famous Dave's Liquid Spray
Famous Dave's has a lovely smell and is also very even, it is quite expensive and as it as a liquid it is very runny so you'll need a mitt to stop it from dripping everywhere! It is a lovely colour, very simular to St Tropez.

Xen-Tan Dark Lotion
I find this product is too orange to use on my upper body but so fab on my legs! a little goes a long way with Xen-Tan which means it is good value. It smells lovely as it is almond scented so you will avoid that wet dog smell which some tans have! It is also best applied with a mitt to avoid any patchy areas.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Hair and Beauty Essentials

Now every girl loves to jump in the shower and use a scrub or a shampoo that will linger even after you are all dry. I'll let you in to some of my absolute fave products which i think do just that.

Label M - Honey & Oat conditioner
This conditioner has the most amazing smell, it leaves your hair amazingly soft and lasts ages! I bought this from a Tony & Guy hairdressers.

The pink cow - Vanilla Biscuit shower gel : Ok so i actually have the smaller squeezy bottle than the one in this picture but the product is the same. Honestly it is an incredible smell that will just make you want to use it all the time! It lathers really easily too, making it last longer. I bought this from Boots.
Moroccan Oil: Ok so this product is quite pricey, but after it was recomended to me from a friend i decided to give it a go, and i'm totally hooked! As it is oil you don't need too much as your hair will just go greasy, but a little really does go a long way. I have never found a product that makes my hair feel quite like it... and it smells amazing!

Head Kandy

Hair Extensions

I have tried Sleek (Cheap hair), Foxy Locks (loved at first but matted and became straw-likeafter washes) & Hairtrade (quite thin) extensions and these are by far the best quality.
They are real remi hair and are so soft to touch, but they don't feel too artificial either.

They come in this lovely boxed packaging and the hair is unreturnable if the quality seel has been broken, but they do give you a tester piece to see if the hair is the right colour and length. This ensures that noone has ever worn the hair you recieve (I have not known a company to do this before).

How much hair?
There are 10 wefts of hair! varying in widths, but they are double wefted! which means twice as much hair than most companys!
10 wefts is more than enough to fix a whole head, i cannot actually use them all at the same time! The hair is numbered and the guide shows you exactly how to put them in = great if you are a beginner.

These extensions are not cheap, however the price depends on how long you would like them, and they are well worth it. I have the 16-18 Inch set and they were about £80 when postage was added.

Customer Service

HK's Customer service is FAB they reply right away and if you send them a picture they colour match your hair. My colour match was Organic Brown/Black, and they are certainly BROWN not black! so I probably would have got it wrong if I hadn't of asked them!