Thursday, 15 September 2011

HeadKandy Hair Extension Update

Ok, as you guys know I bought some extensions for my vacation (holiday, for all you brits).

The colour I got was 'organic', a beautiful deep brown which has slight off-black tones running through.

The length is 16-18 inches, which was perfect for me. In all pictures in my preivious blogs i am wearing my extensions so this will give you a good indication on the length, bearing in mind I am 5'6.

The price is not cheap but it is sooo worth it, as I have had extensions only last me a few months that were only slightly cheaper! for 16-18 inches a full set (more than enough hair) is $159.99 or £79.00.

So far...So good as far as I am concerned! The hair has not thinned at all and it curls and straightens perfectly and it is still super soft! I love putting them up in a Nicole Scherzinger inspired high pony as well as a simple down style.

Feel free to ask any questions on this issue as I have tried several extension brands!

1 comment:

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