Monday, 19 September 2011

Make up MUST haves

Dior Skin Forever

This foundation is gorgeous. The colour I have is 020 and it goes on very easily and blends really well.
It is not thick at all but gives a very good coverage, which is great for those who don't like the caked on look! I actually use MAC's Studio Fix fluid as well but both of these selections create a beautiful base.

Benefit Lemon Aid

Lemon Aid is my secret weapon. It just looks like yellow concealer, but my goodness it works!
If i am looking a little tired I just dab a little under my eyes and dark circles magically dissappear! It is also a colour correcting eyelid primer so I put it on under my eye shadow to keep it lasting all day.

MAC Kohl Pencil

This eyeliner goes on so easily and makes the most perfect smokey eye as it is really blendable. It does smudge though so if you just want a clean black line...this is not your product.

Posie Tint

This cheek and lip tint is a stunning baby pink color... and it stays on so long!

MAC Lipstick

I LOVE this lipstick... my fave colours are Myth and Hue. which are very pale. Gorgeous.

MAC Opulash Mascara

Opulash is brilliant for building up dramatic thick lashes so it is great for me. If you need to add length go for Studio Fix lash, as this is much better as separating lashes. One I do not like is Zoom Lash, the formula is messy and goes EVERYWHERE!

Prep & Prime Skin Brightning Serum

This product is a primer which makes you skin feel like silk. I pop it on under my foundation and it makes me glow... a must.


  1. I totally agree.... MAC concelear is my favorite .. I must have it with me.. and for sure their eye liners are great and creamy great post hun!

  2. Thanks for your great comments!
    Lizabeth, i too take my concealer everywhere i go...such an addictive product!


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