Monday, 22 August 2011

Head Kandy

Hair Extensions

I have tried Sleek (Cheap hair), Foxy Locks (loved at first but matted and became straw-likeafter washes) & Hairtrade (quite thin) extensions and these are by far the best quality.
They are real remi hair and are so soft to touch, but they don't feel too artificial either.

They come in this lovely boxed packaging and the hair is unreturnable if the quality seel has been broken, but they do give you a tester piece to see if the hair is the right colour and length. This ensures that noone has ever worn the hair you recieve (I have not known a company to do this before).

How much hair?
There are 10 wefts of hair! varying in widths, but they are double wefted! which means twice as much hair than most companys!
10 wefts is more than enough to fix a whole head, i cannot actually use them all at the same time! The hair is numbered and the guide shows you exactly how to put them in = great if you are a beginner.

These extensions are not cheap, however the price depends on how long you would like them, and they are well worth it. I have the 16-18 Inch set and they were about £80 when postage was added.

Customer Service

HK's Customer service is FAB they reply right away and if you send them a picture they colour match your hair. My colour match was Organic Brown/Black, and they are certainly BROWN not black! so I probably would have got it wrong if I hadn't of asked them!


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