Friday, 26 August 2011

Minx Nail Craze

Ok so if you hav'nt heard of Minx before they are basically nail art patterns which are heated and then stuck onto your fingers and toes. This craze is quite expensive in salons, however I got let in to a little secret that it was possible to do it yourself.

So... I went on ebay and bought two sets of 20 minx stickers for £10 each, one in hibiscus red and the other in leopard pink and thought i'd have a go.

First of all the stickers are super long so you dont have to use a whole one on a nail... meaning  you get 4 sets of beautiful nails for £10. 1 set could cost a minimum of £30 in a salon!

Here is How I did it...

1- Warm cleansed nails under a heat source (at home a hairdryer)

2- Select the best minx size for the nail

3- Peel the minx off the backing sheet 

4- Allign the nail up and press gently

                                     5- File till looking HOT!

...Pictures of my finished product coming soon!

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